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Founder & CEO

Katherine completed her BA at Boston University in 2011, a PhD in Plant Sciences at the University of Oxford in 2016, and two postdocs at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab between 2018-2021. She has published over a dozen scientific papers and received grants from governmental, charitable, and industrial sources to support her research. She has received a number of awards recognizing her research, including the prestigious British Marshall Scholarship. Her areas of expertise include environmental engineering, bioremediation, ecology and sustainable development. She previously developed the first ever bacteria that can ‘eat’ petroleum and cleaned up contaminated soil and water from a former Shell Oil Refinery from Bay Point, CA. She founded BluumBio in 2021 as a platform to develop the next generation of bioremediation technologies that will clean up historic and emerging pollutants from the environment. Outside of work, Katherine is an avid cyclist and ballet dancer and enjoys exploring the Bay area.

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Head of Organism Discovery and Assay Development

Drew is a Filipino-American gay scientist working in Microbial Ecology. He received his Bachelor’s degrees from UC Berkeley in Chemical Biology and Microbial Biology with Honors. During this time, Drew researched the bioremediation potential for plant-growth-promoting soil-bacteria to degrade petroleum hydrocarbons, for which he received his department's grant for student-initiated projects. Drew then joined the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab from 2019-2021 to develop a framework for mechanistic-microbial ecology in a subsurface watershed contaminated with nuclear-waste from the Manhattan Project. His expertise is in analytical chemistry, microbial characterization, and next-generation DNA-sequencing. In his free time, he loves cultivating bizarre organisms, from orchids and carnivorous plants, to bioluminescent microbes and mantids.

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Biochemist & Synthetic Biologist

Azion White is a 2021 graduate from the University of Minnesota, where he received a BS in biochemistry and worked as a research associate for the University’s BioTechnology Institute. He has experience in synthetic biology from various projects, including the characterization and assembly of a biocatalyst toolbox for lignin degradation to the design of recombinant proteins to make biodegradable nano-surface coatings for materials. He’s passionate about the vast applications of synthetic biology and its potential to propel the development of technology and the society that benefits from it.

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Bioengineering and Bioprocess Development

Jordan grew up on a farm outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and received a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. While at Johns Hopkins, he performed research into genetically modified algae for biofuels and high value chemical production. After graduation, Jordan worked at Genentech in South San Francisco for three years before starting a PhD program in Bioengineering at UC Berkeley & UCSF where his research is focused on building synthetic biology and metabolic engineering tools for environmental and sustainability applications. Outside of work, Jordan loves to spend time with his dog, explore the outdoors, cook, and play soccer.

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